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Actualizado: 17 may 2020

As a real estate photographer in Punta Mita, Casa China Blanca had always been in my list of those luxury and exclusive beachfront homes that I wanted to have the opportunity to photograph since I saw it in a movie called "Limitless" and I could see its exquisite and minimalist architecture design. After a couple of years since I saw Casa China Blanca for the first time, what a surprise when I noticed while checking my emails that I had been given the assignment of doing the photoshoot for the promotion of Casa China Blanca, and of course, I was very happy with this great opportunity to capture the beauty of this luxury home in Punta Mita. Everything was excellent during this photoshoot, all of us were very happy with the final result, and today those are the photos used on Casa China Blanca's website for its promotion.

Below I am sharing the direct link of the website of Casa China Blanca:

Images of Casa China Blanca were taken and retouched by Alejandro Benitez, an international real estate photographer for luxury homes in Punta Mita and surroundings. For more information about my services and packages do not hesitate to contact me.

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